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Electric Motion EM 2015 resurrection – The Motor.

I recently purchased a 2015 EM. It had minor battery problems and a click in the transmission, but was in excellent condition. It had two BMS upgrades and would cut out occasionally. I had trained as an engineer in London and had built three electric bicycles including triangular battery packs to fit in the bicycle […]

Andy’s ‘Submission to the Senate Inquiry on Bank Separation’.

Submission to the Senate Committee into Banking System Reform (Separation of Banks) Bill 2019 By Andrew Jack Chalkley. 72 Eton Street, North Perth, Western Australia 6006 In Australia, we have a problem. Only 3.5% of our money is created as cash currency by the Reserve Bank — some $74 billion. [1] The rest — 96.5% […]

Money and The English Revolution

The English Revolution also called The Glorious Revolution 1640 – 1660 King Henry The First 1100 King Henry I created the tally stick system. This was to counter the private goldsmiths and moneychangers who were creating economic problems by manipulating the supply of gold coins. [411]

Women and the Next Armagedon

Too many of my sisters had sided against the black man for money. When you are in need of protection and support, expect that same lack of loyalty. The above meme is fascinating. You need to read it a couple more times until it sinks in. If males do not get strict upbringing by their […]

Craving Success

Success is the accomplishment of an aim or purpose. It is an ambiguous concept. Thus, success can be different things to different people. Success to one may be to swim the Atlantic, but this does not mean we all have to swim the Atlantic. To me, I can’t think of a worse way to spend […]

Who Funded Feminism?

Now I am treading in murky water. This blogg alone will warrant me being black-banned. It is necessary to realize that feminism was funded and promoted by males. It was not done so for the benefit of women. Its promotion had the effect of destroying the privileged position held by women in society.

An Engineer’s Mind on Economic’s Textbooks

I was at a twenty-four-year-old party and one young man said to me: “Andy. We despair at the thought that we may never be able to buy a house.” My reply was: “But that is ridiculous.” I added my usual explanation: “God or nature created land for all living things to share. As an Australian, […]

Free Speech

We have a so called ‘free speech’. However the media make so much noise, we are drowned out. The magnitude of corporate media is so large that it drowns out individual voices. We have free speech but no voice. Banner waving is almost the only desperate measure left and that is crushed by militarized police persuaded to treat it as […]