Girl Power.

The Secret That Only Girls Know.

The Secret.. by Andy Chalkley Creative Commons Attribute.

Table of Contents


Chapter 1 - Long Nails, Short Nails!

Chapter 2 - The Secret.

Chapter 3 - Men Think They are the Powerful Partner.

Chapter 4 - Control of Males.

Chapter 5 - When I was a Reptile.

Chapter 6 - When I was a Hunter-Gatherer.

Chapter 7 - The Origins of Marriage.

Chapter 8 - More on the History of Marriage.

Chapter 9 - Divorce and Family.

Chapter 10 - Communism Re-branded.

Chapter 11 - Destruction of the Family Unit.

Chapter 12 - The Smile as Your Primary Weapon.

Chapter 13 - Marriage Shy Men.

Chapter 14 - Craving Success.

Chapter 15 - The Good Girl.

Chapter 16 - Who funded feminism?

Chapter 17 - Control.

Chapter 18 - Promiscuity.

Chapter 19 - Let’s create a Patriarchy.

Chapter 20 - Good Girls Led Astray.

Chapter 21 - Female Privilege.

Chapter 22 - The Banning of Sex.

Chapter 23 - Porn.

Chapter 24 - Marriage Maintenance.

Chapter 25 - The History of Feminism.

Chapter 26 - The Next Armageddon.

Chapter 27 - The Problem and the Solution.

Chapter 28 - Fem-pocalypse.

Chapter 29 - The Action.

Chapter 30 - Social Justice.

Chapter 31 - Let’s be Politically Correct.

Chapter 32 - Feminism’s Penetration.

Appendix 1 - The Non-Feminist Declaration.

Appendix 2 - From India with Love.

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This book contains bad words. These are deemed necessary to illustrate the insanity of the society that young girls are going to enter. She will meet these things in life and she needs to be forewarned.

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