Andy’s ‘Submission to the Senate Inquiry on Bank Separation’.

Submission to the Senate Committee into Banking System Reform (Separation of Banks) Bill 2019

By Andrew Jack Chalkley. 72 Eton Street, North Perth, Western Australia 6006

In Australia, we have a problem. Only 3.5% of our money is created as cash currency by the Reserve Bank — some $74 billion. [1] The rest — 96.5% — is created as ‘credit’ by Commercial Banks when they make loans — some $2017 billion. [M3-Currency] [1] The loans are mostly issued using land as the backing for the loans. This land ‘ownership’ system has been remarkably successful over the last few hundred years at propelling Western economies. Similar is now propelling China. There is a downside. The credit is created with an equal amount of debt. The debt magnifies to exceed the volume of credit. This credit is what we see as bank balances in our bank accounts. So a massive instability has been created in that there is ‘more debt than money’ — a topic not much studied — a topic ‘avoided’. Read more

Money and The English Revolution

The English Revolution

also called

The Glorious Revolution 1640 – 1660

King Henry The First 1100

King Henry I created the tally stick system. This was to counter the private goldsmiths and moneychangers who were creating economic problems by manipulating the supply of gold coins. [411]

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Women and the Next Armagedon

Too many of my sisters had sided against the black man for money. When you are in need of protection and support, expect that same lack of loyalty.

Too many of my sisters had sided against the black man for money. When you are in need of protection and support, expect that same lack of loyalty.

The above meme is fascinating. You need to read it a couple more times until it sinks in.

If males do not get strict upbringing by their mothers, gender politics will move the power from females to males. The illusion is that women have gained equality, but the reality is the opposite. The problem is that this arrangement is going horribly wrong. Men will revert to violence and crime. Men who living in poverty or become socially excluded have a greater tendency toward violence.

Feminist vitriol has caused men to lose their compassion for women. Social order will break down. Men will be disinclined to stop the rape of women.

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Craving Success

Success is the accomplishment of an aim or purpose. It is an ambiguous concept. Thus, success can be different things to different people. Success to one may be to swim the Atlantic, but this does not mean we all have to swim the Atlantic. To me, I can’t think of a worse way to spend a holiday. Thus, the achievement of success depends on the goals that have been set. Thus it is an illogical aspiration rather than a reptilian instinct. If we imbibe the young that success is to raise a family, then success derives from the family. However, if we convince the young that success comes from working for someone else, then we will get a nation full of workaholics demanding stress leave. If we pump up the nationalism, we can suggest that success derives from destroying your body for gold medals in the Olympics. If the ‘private think-tank’ controlled foreign news sources push the adverts for their wars, then one could become a successful kamikaze pilot and successfully achieve a little black plaque beneath a tree in a park.

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