An Engineer’s Mind on Economic’s Textbooks

I was at a twenty-four-year-old party and one young man said to me: “Andy. We despair at the thought that we may never be able to buy a house.” My reply was: “But that is ridiculous.” I added my usual explanation: “God or nature created land for all living things to share. As an Australian, you should have access to a house — even if you have to pay a little for it.” And so my engineering mind set about solving the problem. I realized that my children will have problems buying a house. I determined that, if children cannot buy houses, we have ‘fake affluence’. We cannot claim that we live in an affluent nation if the young cannot buy houses. A group of ten men can build a house in ten weeks, why does it take a young couple a lifetime to pay off the debt? Read more

Free Speech

We have a so called ‘free speech’.
However the media make so much noise, we are drowned out.

The magnitude of corporate media is so large that it drowns out individual voices.
We have free speech but no voice.
Banner waving is almost the only desperate measure left and that is crushed by militarized police persuaded to treat it as civil disobedience.
The banner wavers are then denigrated by the media.
And to finish us off, if we say something the ruling class don’t like we get slammed with libel or a myriad of laws designed to make almost anything illegal.
And to fight the libel or laws, we need a bucket full of money to get through the court system.
And to fight the court system is punishment in itself even if proven innocent.
Andy Chalkley